Cycling excursions

  • Oppgangssag i Herand

    Water-driven sash saw in Herand

Our website describes a number of cycling excursions in beautiful rural Hardanger. You can combine these with a trip to or from Voss, a friendly inland town known for its cultural traditions. Another popular combination is with the Navvies Road (Rallarvegen), an old and virtually untrafficked construction road from Haugastøl to Myrdal and Flåm.

Most of the excursions in Hardanger follow country roads along the fjord. Your route passes lush orchards, impressive cliffs, cascading waterfalls and charming old wooden houses.

Below are our favourite excursions. Make them your own!

Tour 1: 80 km Odda – Jondal 

This excursion starts in Odda, a town at the head of the Sørfjord that has a proud industrial heritage. Odda is surrounded by towering mountains and beautiful fjord landscapes. Your route follows the western shore of the Sørfjord to Utne, passing impressive waterfalls and fjordside cliffs. From Utne, the road winds past well-kept apple and cherry orchards , friendly hamlets and villages, and slate-roofed farmhouses.

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Tour 2: Two-day excursion, 120 km | Voss – Jondal – Rosendal 

Prepare for an excursion that starts at the inland village of Voss, with a great downhill road that winds its way between steep mountainsides. Skjervefossen falls is one of many scenic attractions. After crossing the mountains, you reach fjordside Granvin. A ways farther along the road, you take the Kvanndal–Utne ferry across the Hardangerfjord, ending Day One after cycling to Jondal. On Day Two you can look forward to a road through woodlands and along the fjord, with nice rests during two scenic ferry crossings – your destination is Rosendal.

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Tour 3: 150 km Haugastøl – Voss – Jondal – Rosendal 

This exciting three-day tour has everything! The route combines a ride on the popular Navvies Road, from the railway station at Haugastøl high up on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, down to Myrdal or all the way to the fjordside village of Flåm. There are almost no vehicles on the Navvies Road, most of which is flat or gently downhill, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent alpine landscape, and later the fjord views – making this one of the finest cycling routes in the world.

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