Tour 1: Odda – Jondal

  • Trolltunga


    © Reisemål Hardanger Fjord/Terje Nesthus
  • Utne hotell

    Utne hotel

    © Reisemål Hardanger Fjord/Kristin Hove
  • Frukthager i Hardanger

    Orchards in Hardanger

    © Reisemål Hardanger Fjord as
  • Oppgangssag i Herand

    Water-driven sash saw in Herand

  • Restaurant Meieriet

    Restaurant Meieriet

  • Herand


  • Juklafjord - Turistkontor Jondal

    Juklafjord – Tourist information Jondal

This excursion starts in Odda, a town at the head of the Sørfjord that has a proud industrial heritage. Odda is surrounded by towering mountains and beautiful fjord landscapes.

Your route follows the western shore of the Sørfjord to Utne, passing impressive waterfalls and fjordside cliffs.

From Utne, the road winds past well-kept apple and cherry orchards, friendly hamlets and villages, and slate-roofed farmhouses.

Tour description

Odda – Utne:

Your tour starts in the fjordside town of Odda, which played a pioneering role at the dawn of Norway’s industrialisation. Odda has a beautiful setting, surrounded by towering mountains. Your route follows the western shore of the Sørfjord, passing impressive waterfalls and cliffs on your left, and the tranquil fjord on the right, on your way to Utne.


A key attraction in Utne is the Hardanger Folk Museum. If you wish to spend the night in the village, we recommend the historical Utne Hotel, the oldest hotel in Norway.

Utne – Herand:

From Utne, the road veers westward and follows the Hardangerfjord proper, narrowing and winding its way past lush orchards and old farmhouses. Although most of this road is close to the shore, there is a small pass (250 m) before the last downhill run to the village of Herand.


Herand has been named the most handsome village in Norway, thanks in part to its well-preserved cultural landscape and magnificent setting. Attractions include Bronze Age petroglyphs, a cultural trail and a water-driven sash saw – but there’s much more. For delicious food, head for Restaurant Meieriet.

Herand – Jondal:

The next leg of your journey is a scenic road that hugs the fjord, all the way to Jondal. At Hereiane, you can see contorted pines clutching the rocky slopes that extend down to the fjord.


The final destination for your cycling adventure is Jondal, the Folgefonna Park village. Nearby is an alpine centre where you can ski the glacier even in the summer! Other activities in Jondal include kayaking on the fjord. By the way, you’re welcome to drop by Cycling in Hardanger’s main office.