Tour 3: Haugastøl – Voss – Jondal – Rosendal

  • Skjervefossen


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  • Ferge "MS Hardanger"

    Ferry “MS Hardanger”

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  • Utne hotell

    Utne hotel

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  • Frukthager i Hardanger

    Orchards in Hardanger

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  • Oppgangssag i Herand

    Water-driven sash saw in Herand

  • Juklafjord - Turistkontor Jondal

    Juklafjord – Tourist information Jondal

  • Oma Holmen

    Oma Holmen

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  • Baroniet Rosendal

    Baroniet Rosendal

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This exciting three-day tour has everything! The route combines a ride on the popular Navvies Road, from the railway station at Haugastøl high up on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, down to Myrdal or all the way to the fjordside village of Flåm.

There are almost no vehicles on the Navvies Road, most of which is flat or gently downhill, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent alpine landscape, and later the fjord views – making this one of the finest cycling routes in the world.

Tour description

Day 1: Haugastøl -Voss:

Your excursion starts with the renowned Navvies Road (Rallarvegen). This construction road follows the Bergen Railway on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, from Haugastøl Station to Finse, Hallingskeid and Myrdal, before descending to the fjordside village of Flåm. The Navvies Road, built to enable construction of the Bergen Railway in the early 1900s, was reserved for bicyclists in 1974. A cultural monument in its own right, the Navvies Road leads you through beautiful alpine areas, from 1000 to 1300 metres above sea level, and then down to sea level.

From Myrdal, you have the option of cycling all the way down to Flåm and catching the bus to Voss, or catching the Myrdal–Voss train on the Bergen Railway.
We suggest spending the night in Voss.

(The rest of this excursion is identical with Tour 2.)

Day 2: Voss – Jondal:

Voss – Granvin:

Your tour begins along the old railway, which is now a bicycle path paralleling the Hardanger Road. Aim your front wheel in the direction of Granvin. When the bicycle path reaches the new tunnel, turn onto the old road – an exhilarating downhill run past the beautiful Skjervefossen falls. At Granvinvannet lake, turn right at Seim horse-riding centre, continuing along the western shore of lake towards Granvin. The village of Granvin is situated at the head of one of the many fjord arms of Hardanger.

Granvin – Kvanndal:

As you follow the road toward Kvanndal, and the fjord arm approaches the Hardangerfjord, your view expands into an unbroken southern panorama.

Kvanndal – Utne: ferry crossing

From Kvanndal take the ferry across the fjord to Utne. The ferry takes 20 minutes, and there are two departures every hour.


The fjordside village of Utne is the halfway point of your journey. A key attraction in Utne is the Hardanger Folk Museum. If you wish to spend the night in the village, we recommend the historical Utne Hotel, the oldest hotel in Norway.

Utne – Herand:

From Utne, the road veers westward and follows the Hardangerfjord proper, narrowing and winding its way past lush orchards and old farmhouses. Although most of this road is close to the shore, there is a small pass (250 m) before the last downhill run to the village of Herand.


Herand has been named the most handsome village in Norway, thanks in part to its well-preserved cultural landscape and magnificent setting. Attractions include Bronze Age petroglyphs, a cultural trail and a water-driven sash saw – but there’s much more. For delicious food, head for Restaurant Meieriet.

Herand – Jondal:

The next leg of your journey is a scenic road that hugs the fjord, all the way to Jondal. At Hereiane, you can see contorted pines clutching the rocky slopes that extend down to the fjord.


The final destination for your cycling adventure is Jondal, the Folgefonna Park village. Nearby is an alpine centre where you can ski the glacier even in the summer! Other activities in Jondal include kayaking on the fjord. By the way, you’re welcome to drop by Cycling in Hardanger’s main office.

Day 3 Jondal- Rosendal 60 km:

Jondal – Tørvikbygd : ferry crossing

The ferry to Tørvikbygd takes 20 minutes, with departures every hour.

Tørvikbygd – Gjermundshavn:

From Tørvikbygd follow the signs toward Gjermundshavn. The road passes through green pastures and beautiful woodlands along the fjord.

Gjermundshavn-Årsnes: ferry crossing

At Gjermundshavn, take the ferry to Årsnes, which takes 20 minutes and leaves every half hour. Be sure to find a window spot or a good place on deck, so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the island of Varaldsøy.

Årsnes – Rosendal:

From Årsnes it’s only a 10-kilometre ride to Rosendal, between woodlands and the fjord, with a great westward view.


Rosendal offers many attractions, including Rosendal Barony, the Stone Park and Folgefonna National Park Centre. From Rosendal you can catch the express boat to Bergen and Bergen Airport Flesland. There are two daily departures.